Saturday, June 20, 2009


Why are these books so b***ping expensive?


Tulkinghorn said...

If you spend a little bit of time Googling around, you'll find a universal consensus that there's a problem, but not even the beginnings of a suggestion of a solution.

Go here and you'll find an abstract of a 2006 article that at least sets the table. Don't know how to go about getting the article itself... The abstract:

In the last twenty years, economic, social, political, and technological forces have converged to produce an unstable present and an uncertain future for the scholarly monograph, the principal form of scholarly communication in the humanities and a form of importance in other areas. This article examines the concerns and problems of each of the interested parties: publishers, booksellers and librarians, readers, and authors. It emphasizes the interrelated character of the system.

Tulkinghorn said...

Sorry, forgot the link:

Christian Lindke said...

Try this book for expensive:

If you don't want to pay $80 for a used copy of a book published less than 10 years ago, you can pay $60 for a word document copy of the document by visiting the author's website.