Sunday, June 5, 2011

The new conventional wisdom

A line from an article in this morning's LA Times about prominent directors working in television:

DreamWorks convinced (Neil Jordan) that his concept for a movie based on the 15th century papacy would be better suited for television, with its older, more sophisticated audience.
As though the "older, more sophisticated audience" of television almost went without saying.

The new David Milch horse-racing series, starring Dustin Hoffman and produced/directed by Michael Mann looks interesting -- as does the production of "Parade's End" that David mentioned a little while ago. I liked Curtis Hanson's work on "Too Big to Fail" -- and, of course, "Game of Thrones" occupies an honored Sunday night position here chez Tulkinghorn.

I think it would be amusing if these television productions were given fake releases like documentaries to qualify as "motion pictures".... Would make the tedious Oscars a lot more interesting. (Paul Giamatti's performance as Ben Bernanke has Best Supporting Actor written all over it... And I understand there are enthusiasts for a number of the performers in "Justified.")

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