Saturday, June 23, 2012

If it was in The Guardian... must be true.


Tulkinghorn said...

What do you, having just watched most of Homicide, think?

David Chute said...

I'm halfway through the final (7th) season of Homicide; sidetracked only by binging on season one of Revenge, which is like eating potato chips.

I don't think the comparison quite works: Homicide is about cops, The Wire is about the system they are enmeshed in -- which it views in the largest possible civic/social sense.

The effect of the job on McNulty's marriage in The Wire is vestigial; it's a nod to what people still expect on a TV cop show. The effect of the job on Pembleton's strong marriage on Homicide avoids winey-wife cliches and is real drama, not melodrama.

Both shows are excellent. I'd say it depends on what kind of material you'd rather watch.

David Chute said...

Longmire, OTOH, is Wallander in Wyoming.