Tuesday, October 9, 2012

If you can't make it to "Resident Evil"...

Armand sez:

(Olivier) Megaton’s dazzling style (at its best in "Transporter 3" and "Colombiana") goes back to D.W. Griffith’s use of cross-cutting–basic stuff but Mills’ fight with hooligans while his wife is tortured and his daughter is chased along the rooftops of Istanbul really works. His technique provides a visceral and ethical exercise. When Mills confronts his nemesis (Rade Serbedzija), the call for “Justice!” gets corrected: “You mean revenge!” This essence is like what Costa Gavras’ most complex film explored (1970’s "The Confession" about Communist show trials). Beyond the political and religious surface of seeing Americans under siege, "Taken 2" exposes the politics of vengeance, the rationalizing of immorality. This was also the good theme of Neveldine-Taylor’s brilliant "Ghost Rider 2: The Spirit of Vengeance" (also underrated).

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