Thursday, June 13, 2013

Flashback: Khmer Pop

Daughter Nora planning a stopover in Cambodia on her way home from China, which reminded me of this post from a few months ago. Distant music from the flourishing pop music and film industries of the 1960s in Cambodia, all but wiped out on Pol Pot's Killing Fields. Rock critics in the West still like to talk about how "subversive" the music is, even in an era in which there is nothing meaningful left to subvert. But how about living in a time and place in which pop culture was seen as literally subversive, and targeted accordingly?

Information from our favorite source.

"Long Beach, California - Little Phnom Penh - is the world's largest Cambodian enclave outside the homeland, founded by refugees."

Dengue Fever perform's Ros Sereysothea's "A Go Go:"

C.I.: Tulkinghorn

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