Monday, May 25, 2009

More than most want to know about cover design for Vertical Press

Christmas presents over the years from a generous friend: Tezuka translations and mysteries from Vertical Press. Wonderful book design, originally by Chip Kidd and now by a group of designers headed by a guy named Peter Mendelsund, whose day job is desigining for Random/Knopf. He discusses his process at length here.

From Stieg Larsson to Leo Tolstoy to Black Jack with stops in-between. All this courtesy of the Caustic Cover Critic, who interviews Mendelsund here.

Apropos of a previous discussion about the pretentiousness of faux Gold Medal covers is this uncharacteristic Mendelsund design for Black Lizard:

Cool Mendelsund quote follows. A full life.

About seven years ago, I was looking for a profession other than Classical Musician (the job description I’d always answered to) that would provide insurance coverage for my family. I assumed that, whatever this new gig was going to be, it would be temporary- a stop-gap until I could go back to the piano. My wife and I had a brain-storming session, during which we made a list of my interests:

macramé, animal husbandry, model-rocketry, heraldry, yodelling, anti-trust mediation, jujitsu, cryptology, forensic medicine, comparative theology, harpsichord maintenance, taxidermy, Graphic Design, historical re-enactment, rodeo clowning, cock fighting, oyster fishing, oyster fighting, clown fishing...

Design struck me as the most feasible alternative.

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David Chute said...

Graphic Pretension: Design that reflects the nature of the content rather than attempting to disguise it.--Tulkinghorn's New International Dictionary.