Thursday, January 1, 2009

Superstar Aamirkhanth

This was available online last night, December 31, 2008, but its official street date means that this "LA Weekly" review of "Ghajini" qualifies as the first of the New Year.

I confess I may have gotten a little carried away this time. The body of the review was sort of built up from, or on top of, its final line, which tickled me unduly. But it may also be slightly misleading. There is a level of visual/rhetorical overstatement in the original version of "Ghajini" that seems to me characteristic of Tamil cinema, and that carries over into the remake. Beyond that...

Joe Leydon in "Variety".

Because I archived the Hungry Ghost Blog through August, 2008, and was able to find a couple of additional months' worth of posts via Google Cache, relatively little has been lost. The last couple of months has seen sparse posting, anyway. Links to my reviews of Roadside Romeo, Fix (scroll down), Yuuvraj (ditto), Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Waiting in Beijing and Dostana are hereby restored. Bet that's a relief.


GoJoe said...

Just got back from a matinee. Really really enjoyed it, a great afternoon at the movies. Thanks for the good word, Chute Saab.

Generic said...

It's what I do, GoJoe. No thanks required.