Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Times Online 50 Greatest Crime Writers

Good list. Great links.


Tulkinghorn said...

Pretty good list, with an unfortunate weakness for best-selling lightweights like Scott Turow and Alexander McCall Smith and a forgivable lack of nuance regarding US writers?

And did Richard Stark, like, insult the Queen or something?

Generic said...

The one really glaring omission, now that you mention it.

I've read three McBains recently. Good stuff. Probably a drop too much macho sentimetallity for some in your household.

Christian Lindke said...

Until Highsmith's books are available on the Kindle, she lacks any status with me. I would have preferred Michael Connelly over Turow, not that I think he is any great shakes.

The fact that Christie is rated higher than Doyle, Hammett, and Collins is something I disagree with.