Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tulkinghorn's Book of the Year

My friends know that I'm a restless reader -- always seeking the elusive sense of wonder that sustained me through many a long afternoon as a child. Although a few books have given me pleasure over the last year, I have not found that elusive combination of astringency, complexity, and beauty that really keeps my spirit alive. I'm just reading out of habit or as a relief from the stresses of the day (and of the market...) . Fun but not sustaining.

Until earlier this week...

David once accused me of not writing well about things I like, and I think I understand now what he meant, as I try to articulate what this book means to me.

Don't have enough time today, so I'll simply put it out there. Buy it, read it, and you'll like it a lot.

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Pulp said...

Wasn't it Bob Dylan who once sang, "Oh me oh my, love that Sneaky Pie"?