Friday, August 14, 2009

From off the streets of Koreatown

I wonder if our genial host has ever tried this place, reviewed this week by Jonathan Gold, in a column entitled "Of Cumin Bondage" Har.

For a couple of bucks, you can even experience what must be the winciest dish in town: a sharp, glistening steel skewer stabbed through thin coins of meat sliced from a bull penis, which bubble and hiss when they encounter the heat of the fire, sizzling from proud quarters to wizened, chewy dimes. It doesn’t taste like much, this bull penis, pretty much just cartilage and char, but the spectacle is as emasculating as a Jonas Brothers CD.

This place also has fake dog (the canine equivalent of krab, I guess)

it’s basically braised pork seasoned with vinegar, chile and cumin in what one is led to believe mimics the treatment given to the flesh of the unspeakable; you’ll find a warm, dryish version just ambiguous enough to put you off the dish for life. This may be the point.

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