Monday, September 14, 2009

Epitafios II

The initiates need no convincing: The second series of the Argentinian police procedural "Epitafios" arrives this Friday on HBO Latino and a few days later on HBO2.... English subtitles, lots of local color, and a great performance (at least in the first series) by Julio Chavez in the lead, ably supported by Almodovar star Cecilia Roth.


Generic said...

I'll be waiting for the DVD, since HBO withholds its favors from online TV viewers.

Yeah, yeah, I know. They want to make money, Spare me, please.

A model to explore? Subscription services a la Netflix streaming. I'd pay for Hulu if it had more good content.

Tulkinghorn said...

The new Time-Warner initiative "TV Everywhere" gets halfway to what you want, allowing cable or satellite subscribers to access content on-line with a password.

Doesn't help you though.

And, of course, the series is probably available on iTunes for about two bucks an episode.

Or do you object to paying for product full stop?

Generic said...

I'll check iTunes.

I object to paying only when I'm being held up for fees I can't afford.

Generic said...