Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Health and fashion notes from the mysterious Orient

A tip from uber-traditional fashion hero, Hollister Hovey: Handmade cloth shoes from China. Cheap and handsome (although the markup from the original price in China must be savage). Jet Li wears them (as shown in the many Jet Li photos on the site).

I am suspicious of the health claims, however:

Many people work with computers always have bad skin condition and easily angry, ect., that's all because of static. Furthermore, the old people's skin is drier than the youth with the aging of cardiac, cerebral and vascular, that make old man more easily to be harmed by the static and cause cardiac, cerebral and vascular disease.

Our human body have a magnetic field inside,and we lived in the magnetic field of nature,once the balance of nature were altered or changed can cause ours uncomfortable feeling,so the best way is always wear shoes without a insulation soles,let the static get out our body easily and keep the balance between us and the nature.

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