Thursday, April 29, 2010

Small audiences, indeed.

Tonight is the award ceremony for the Edgar, and I'm sure that many of you will be running right out to read the winner. (Just like you bought and savored "The City & The City", which won the Clarke Award-- announced the other night-- as well as the BSFA...)

The WSJ had a wonderful chart, which can give you a good sense of the size of the readership for literary mysteries. Without comment:

UPDATE: The winner is "The Last Child" by John Hart -- unknown to me, but apparently popular, this book blows away last year's nominees with a first hardcover printing of 175,000 and recent paperback reprinting

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Christian Lindke said...

As you well know, I wait for accolades and awards before reading any China Mieville novel...NOT!

While he and I may be in different camps when it comes to love of Tolkien, as expressed in his introduction to a recent edition of Moorcock's classic essay on Epic Fantasy, I have yet to be disappointed by one of his stories.