Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why they hated Dylan when he sold out

This is what he threatened with all that noise, irony, and chaos: Judy Collins singing a Dylan song from his second album.....


Generic said...

Too subtle for me.

The song is about a lost paradise that Dylan himself helped to destroy?

Judy Collins is lame and this is somehow Dylan's fault?

Pete Seeger, who tried cut Dylan's power at Newport, is a smarmy hypocrite? Isn't that the conventional wisdom, at this point?

Tulkinghorn said...

Beautiful girls with guitars and pure voices singing quiet songs written by the great bard Dylan -- which songs were based on old English broadside ballads -- sitting trding tunes with crypto-Communist socially-committed folk singer/politicos like Pete Seeger.....

Vanished from the culture overnight with an organ blast and a sneer.

"How does it feel?" indeed.

Generic said...

I hadn't clicked through to see the date. And of course it makes sense that Seeger would only have said nice things about BD before Newport.

But of the central thesis, I'm skeptical. When did J. Mitchell kick in, for example? There are plenty of these women still around, all the "singer songwriters" you don't listen to.

What you don't seem to get as much (although maybe somewhat in "world music"?) is an oppressive sense of continuity and community, which Marcus suggests is all to the good: Lucinda Williams using a (revered) traditional idiom to make yowling personal statements is in the Dylan mold.

Besides which -- think of the fun if John Belushi has happened to walk in while Collins and Seeger were purring at each other.