Thursday, January 6, 2011

Generation K?

On the 720 Express bus on Wilshire this morning, I was one of three people reading something on a Kindle. The other two were rather younger than myself, either college age or not long past it. The 720 may not offer a representative sample because it's a direct line to UCLA, but still, it leads me question the view that only old people are using these devices because only old people still read.


Tulkinghorn said...

There's some evidence that the most intense users of Kindles are connoisseurs of disreputable genres, especially romance novels, for two reasons:

(1) The Kindle is the electronic equivalent of a plain brown wrapper. (Although Baen Books has probably found a way to make an ugly e-book, too.)

(2) C.O.D.G. read a lot of books -- two or three a week -- and electronic books are prefect for high volume users.

David Chute said...

Maybe there are markets ready to re-open for DGs that are so D they barely exist anymore, such as porno novels. We do hear that pornographers have consitently been the first to pounce on IT innovations.

Christian Lindke said...

All the young people I work with are avid readers. I would have thought that the Harry Potter and Twilight phenoms would have dispelled any thoughts otherwise.