Sunday, February 27, 2011

iTunes Playlists - a graphical explanation

Following a lifelong pattern of only adopting new technologies, or trading up, when I no longer have a choice, I finally broke down last week, at the inexorable prospect of another birthday, and gifted myself with a potentially life-changing item: a 160GB iPod Classic. No more carefully selecting which tracks ot albums get transferred to the Pod at every plug-in. Entertainment self-containment at its finest.

Of course, the possibility of carrying your entire music collection around in your coat pocket makes organization and ease of access on the device critically important. Scrolling through the entire "artists" list every time you want to find something comes perilously close to defeating the purpose entirely. And because some (well, one) of my regular readers has expressed puzzlement as to what Playlists and Playlist Folders are good for, anyway, I've prepared an instructive illustration. (Click to view life size.)

Still in heavy rotation:

Nice notice in The Independent: "This is music to which people will be listening in 100 years' time..."


Tulkinghorn said...

Getting closer to the 21st Century ideal of complexity masked by simplicity:

A chair, a lamp, a computer, an iPod, and a Kindle in an otherwise empty room....

David Chute said...

Yes, or all those things in a shoulder bag. A life more portable than in an RV.

Minus the lamp, because Kindle's is built in.

AKA the Doctor Who "Bigger on the Inside" approach.

Christian Lindke said...

There is no built in lamp in my Kindle. One of the reasons it is superior to the iPad is its lack of glare from a lit screen.

David Chute said...

Sorry, imprecise. It's the cover that has the light built in.