Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring reading

If you're of that sort, the best novel nominees for the Nebula Award may be interesting:

"Native Star", a steampunk zombie novel (combining two commercially hot tropes) sounds like a hoot.... The blurb:

I was quite taken by the concept of an Old West built on a foundation of magic and zombie slave labor. Oh, and giant raccoons.


Christian Lindke said...

The Connie Willis books are remarkable. A former professor introduced me to her writing and I have been a big fan since.

Tulkinghorn said...

Tulkinghorn favorite Michael Dirda, who is the only American book critic of note who appreciates SF, loves them:

"Blackout" is as vivid an evocation of England during World War II as anyone has ever written.....

Since the two (written as one book, published as two for the usual reasons) are the third volume in a series, there's the usual confusion about whether it's necessary to go back to the beginning.