Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hugh Laurie playlist

Came up recently in the context of AFP, as another noted composer and performer of satirical songs. Contributes an "On my iPod" list to

Key quote:

Adrian Duke is in a similar mold to [Jon] Cleary, but he has a looser, friendlier style. "Live in New Orleans" is a blast. His singing is great but completely unintelligible, which is fine with me. It relieves me of the duty to listen to lyrics, which I do only because I know I should. Lyrics are better as musical sounds than bearers of meaning. Meaning is for novelists.

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Tulkinghorn said...

Notice that he didn't say that meaning was for poets...

There's a complicated argument here, but I don't think that Laurie was being anything but charming. And on the level of charm, I can agree with the way he said it.