Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A new genre to me:

Military fantasy! Tom Clancy meets Tolkein! Check out the cover....Details from Jeff VanderMeer, who interviews the author:

The idea for the Shadow Ops series came to Cole while working for the Pentagon in the late 1990s. “The Pentagon is regulation-central. Everything has a rule and a manual to look it up in…Well, add geek to that. I kept wondering ‘What if Army Materiel Command was having to requisition magic wands? What if the contractors working here were gnomes? What would the regs say then?’ Would there be a department set up to handle magic? How would the senate appropriate funds for that?” These kinds of questions drove Cole to write Control Point “as the only way to answer them.”


Christian Lindke said...

You absolutely need to read Naomi Novik's Fantasy Napoleonic Naval series.

David Chute said...

Small World Dept. Look who her husband is:

Tulkinghorn said...

There's a marriage made in pulp heaven.

The differences between historical novels and historical fantasies are often pretty small... although the team of Aubrey, Maturin, and Gandalf would be cool.