Friday, February 10, 2012

Spanish playback singer in a Bollywood film


Tulkinghorn said...

Not entirely an act of artistic inspiration:

But what makes the scene singular is that the idea of including flamenco didn't come from the film's writers or director, but the Spanish tourism authority Turespana.

It was a first for the Indian film industry and its passionate fans: branded entertainment in the form of a blockbuster film that essentially serves as a feature-length tourism advertisement. "The movie itself was almost like an entire brochure for Spain," said Madhu Saliankar, market analyst in Turespana's Mumbai office.

David Chute said...

I just liked her voice.

Tulkinghorn said...

I just thought it was interesting that the most charmingly and shamelessly commercial movie industry in the world is bringing product placement so much to the fore.... And why not if you can do it so well?