Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Luck By Chance" review for LA Weekly

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The insider-hood of the Ahktar siblings has effects on the movie both good and bad. The famous actors playing themselves in cameos (Aamir, SRK, about a dozen others in a party sequence) are a distraction. The good actors who were prevailed upon to play significant supporting roles are a definite plus -- notably Juhi Chawla as a woman named Minty, my favorite fake cutesy Punjabi nickname 'til date. The terminal hazard is that putting real movie stars next to them will expose the simulacra as the cardboard cutouts they are. This is what happens every time Hrithek Roshan, as the star who backs out of the film within the film to take a job with Karan Johar, switches on his kleig light charisma. Farhan? Farhan who?


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