Sunday, February 1, 2009

Danny McBride

Coming a little late to the party I have so far found Danny McBride's breakout star vehicle The Foot Fist Way impossible to watch all the way through. McBride is an improv character comedian whose specialty is a form of deadpan redneck aggression that pours out of him so fluently you can’t help wondering where it comes from. You laugh at how far he’s willing to go and then wince because there's no way it could be entirely a put on. I suspect it's the discomfort, the Andy Kaufman factor, that makes him a hipster favorite.

McBride has been very funny, however, in blowhard supporting roles in "Tropic Thunder" and "Pineapple Express," and he re-teams with "Express" director David Gordon Green for a FFW sound-alike of an HBO series, Eastbound and Down, about a washed-up reprobate major leaguer who returns to his home town to teach middle school PE. A measured weekly dose of McBride may be just the thing.

Here he is doing his bone-head self-delusion number as a sexy homeless man in "Drillbit Taylor:"


GoJoe said...

Armond White summed up McBride's appeal differently: "You know this guy, admit it." THE FOOT FIST WAY had, at the very least, two of the biggest laughs of any movie last year. The crowd I saw it with was laughing so hard whole chunks of equally outrageous dialogue was drowned out. I actually hadn't heard of EASTBOUND AND DOWN, thanks for the heads-up.

Generic said...

"You run into this guy everyday oon the bus," would be more like i.

I will give FFW another shot one of these days.

c said...

"You run into this guy everyday oon the bus," would be more like it."

sply now that youre riding the bus these days david,

GoJoe said...

“I just moved to the area and I was looking for some sort of workout. You know, just to stay in shape.”

“Taekwondo’s great for staying in shape, but it’s also a deadly serious killing system. I mean, it’s probably the best of all the martial arts.”

“I hear Jujitsu’s really good for balance.”

“Jujitsu sucks. What you want is Taekwondo. Its got everything. Mental, physical--”

“That’s good, because when I was in school abroad, I really got into Yoga. That’s a lot of breathing techniques and meditation--”

“Meditation’s terrific and all, but I’ve never heard of it saving anyone from a gang rape-type situation. Meditate on that.”

Generic said...

"Your weakness disgusts me."