Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cannes Cannes


Tulkinghorn said...

The Nazi serial killer in this clip just got the Best Actor award at Cannes.

And the new Michael Haneke movie got the Palme d'Or.

Many find Haneke pretentious, violent, and obscure.

Some think that he's a genius: especially Cache.

The smart money's on genius, but I'm told that the US remake of Funny Games is unacceptably violent, both physically and psychologically.

Generic said...

Actually, this is not the guy who git the award. That was a man named, I like Waltz, who plays the main Nazi baddie.

Generic said...

"the honor went to “Basterds’” Christoph Waltz who emotionally accepted the acting nod with a shout out to QT in saying, “You gave me my vocation back.”