Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Invisible Library

This New York Times essay by Ed Park leads to Park's Invisible Library website, which is an extensive alphabetized encyclopedia of fictional books, like "The King in Yellow" (from the short story of the same name by Robert W. Chambers), whose readers are so frightened that they lose the will to live, and my favorite rebuke to Richard Dawkins, the books of Oolon Colliphid, from the Hitchiker's Guide (itself belonging, of course, to the Invisible Library), entitled "Where God Went Wrong", "Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes", and "Who is this God Person, Anyway?"

Extra credit to the list of the works of Benno Archimbaldi, from Roberto Bolano, an aficionado of the Invisible Library, whose book "Nazi Literature in the Americas" consists entirely of brief descriptions of non-existent writers and their books. (Not recommended for reading in public.)

Park's list name-checks Nabokov, Powell, Harry Stephen Keeler, John Crowley, and Synecdoche, N.Y.. Clearly a man of wide reading.

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