Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tulkinghorn's Commonplace Book

Grant Morrison, comics fan favorite making the big move to Hollywood, burns his bridges:

(From the Hollywood Reporter)

"I don't care about geeks, you know. Geeks shouldn't be given power. When geeks get power, you get Hitler. "

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Christian Lindke said...

Grant Morrison, lacking talent, has made a career of deconstructing and mocking every comic book icon he has had the opportunity to touch. His run on Doom Patrol is one of the great travesties of comic history. His run on Justice League drips so deeply with sarcasm and antipathy that it always surprised me how much people liked the title. He has Batman defeat "white martians" with a read that right...a match.

His comments about geeks will only make him more beloved by those he has made a career abusing and betraying.