Monday, July 20, 2009

The young Tulkinghorn

In his dreams, but still...

The new Doctor doesn't look quite as much like the star of Twilight as one feared.

More like Bill Nye the Science Guy.

The cryptic accompanying text makes me realize what TV obsessives like me sound like to those who aren't TV obsessives. There may be someone in the small audience for this blog who can understand this without research. If so, congratulations.

The full picture is a portrait frame – looking at their legs completely makes the look. Smith's ankle-height leather boots, giving a modern flourish to the tweed, the combination together placing him spiritually a lot closer to modern day Hoxton. And they've given Karen a miniskirt, grey tights and red sneakers (plucked from Tennant's shivering corpse, we wonder?) Followers of Moffatt's work who went through puberty at the turn of the 90s will be very excited indeed. Because as I predicted when Gillan's casting was announced, she appears modelled (physically at least) on his finest-ever creation, Lynda Day of the Junior Gazette in Press Gang.

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Generic said...

There is nothing in this that is INHERENTLY any less "tedious" than the shots of Scralett in her "Iron Man 2" leathers. Except that this is UK celebrity-worship trivia rather than the domestic brand.

"Games of Thrones" is on TV and stars a Brit, so presumably it too will get a pass.