Friday, November 27, 2009

The Man Who Loved Women

Guess who.


Salander... is a witch, and that is I think the secret of the novels’ extraordinary popularity. Her magic is known as “hacking” in the books, but it has nothing much to do with real technology. Her gadgets give her magical powers. She can read anyone’s thoughts off their hard disks, and listen to anyone’s conversations from their email or phones. The untraceable theft of a few hundred million dollars is the work of a couple of weeks. Even lying paralysed in bed with a bullet hole in her brain, she is able to communicate with her familiars all around the world and to discover and foil the villains.

All blockbuster novels of this sort are fantasies in which the heroes acquire superpowers; Larsson’s originality was to discover a new fantasy."


Tulkinghorn said...

"Men who Hate Women"

"The Girl who Played with Fire"


"The Air Castle that Blew Up"

The three real titles of the three books. The last baffles me completely, but then I haven't finished.

Generic said...

"Air Castle" = "The Section"?

Tulkinghorn said...

If so, lame.

I'm thinking "air castle"= "male power structure"