Monday, April 4, 2011

L7 and CSS: "Badass gangs of smelly girls"

Not my coinage, by the way. The words of a female critic writing on Pitchfork:

L7: A bunch of sweaty L.A. metal chicks who were perpetually pissed off and horny, but always in a good enough mood to make dirty jokes. Their finely tuned feminine rage burned fast and frightening on their second album, a collection of bubblegum grunge tunes about hating traditional gender roles ("Broomstick"), hating life ("Deathwish"), hating abusive men ("Packin' a Rod"), and hating, well, everything ("Shove").

Although L7 only released one album on Sub Pop, their spirit lives on at the label through current signings CSS, an equally badass gang of smelly girls (and one guy). In early 2007, CSS covered L7's "Pretend We're Dead"; L7's Donita Sparks returned the favor by creating a mashup of "Pretend We're Dead" and CSS' "Alala." -- Amy Philips


Christian Lindke said...

I can't tell that you have a college age daughter at all, or that she's broadening your horizons.

David Chute said...

Don't blame Nora for this! She advocates for classy outfits like Beck, New Pornographers, Noah & the Whale and TV on the Radio. I'm the one who has the not-so-secret lifelong affection do the grungy side.

Her comment on The Cramps: "Daddy, all the songs sound kinda the same." That's my girl!

GoJoe said...

Used to own the L7 LP on cassette. That's right, *cassette*.