Thursday, April 21, 2011

You'll watch anyway, but I love enthusiasm...

From the Guardian:

It will not have escaped your attention that a little show called Doctor Who is back this weekend. And neither will the big hype line that everyone's using: that this is the darkest series of Who in the history of time and space.

There is only one other thing I can tell you about The Impossible Astronaut: it is shockingly good. Seriously, it floors you from the off and doesn't let you go. The relentless pacing, the intricate serialised story arc, the established presence of a good-looking ensemble cast (all, by the way, having massively upped their games after last year).

It's still as daft and British and Doctor Who as ever, it has just donned some of the clothes of great American TV drama, and it wears them well. Since the revival, as fans there's always been a tiny little bit of nervous apprehension about revealing to people quite how deeply you are into Doctor Who. With this, it looks like those days are over. Doctor Who might now be one of the coolest, sexiest, smartest most stylish things on television. Honestly. On Saturday night you'll know what I mean.

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Tulkinghorn said...


Bring Kleenex.

Is there anyone working in television better than Stephen Moffat?

Probably... But not last night.