Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maintaining the musical theme...

Halfway through a Netflix rental of "Dabangg" ("Fearless"), supposedly the most popular Bollywood movie of 2010. Great fun so far, a catch-all masala throwback with high-flying Tamil-inflected action scenes. Salman Khan is the toughest cop in Utter Pradesh, as he declares here:

In this number he falls hard for a girl who turns pots. Music by Sajid Wajid, lyrics by Faiz Anwar, vocal by son-of-a-genius Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Refrain: "Tere mast mast do naian, Mere Dil ka le gaye chain" ("Your bewitching eyes, have stolen my heart").

Better sound quality here.

Both clips would be better if Salman was a snappier dancer.

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GoJoe said...

Friends have been raving about this since its release. Sadly, I was overseas and missed it. This reminds me I need to catch up now that it's available on DVD.