Saturday, July 23, 2011

Apologies to Larsson, Nesbø, and Mankell

I had always thought that the obsession of the great Swedish and Norwegian crime writers with right-wing menace was overblown.....

Sez the Daily Mail:

The man responsible for the massacre in Norway was a member of a Swedish nazi forum which encourages attacks on government buildings.

It was also revealed by local police that he had extreme right wing views who hated Muslims.

According to Swedish website Expo Anders Behring Breivik is a member of 'Nordisk' which has 22,000 members and focuses on political terrorism.

The Norwegian daily Verdens Gang quoted a friend as saying he became a rightwing extremist in his late 20s. It said he expressed strong nationalistic views in online debates and had been a strong opponent of the idea that people of different cultural backgrounds can live alongside each other.


David Chute said...

Especially shivery that's it's the magazine Larsson founded and ran, Expo, the model for Millenium in the novels, that quoted here.

David Chute said...