Friday, August 12, 2011

Clive's back

" still takes Sweden to make a true Wallander (BBC Four). The British have had a go by casting Kenneth Branagh in the same role, but even with the area around his eyes further abraded with sandpaper he still comes over as Red Skelton when compared with Krister Henriksson in the all-Swedish original...the man whose face is the silent version of a howling dog."

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Tulkinghorn said...

He's even better on Elgar:

Tasmin Little’s face in close-up exactly fitted the piece’s barely suppressed emotional uproar. With the thick end of a violin shoved against her lower left cheek she looked like Ann Miller in her On the Town era taking a right hook from Joe Louis, but when released from bondage into a storm of applause she stood revealed as the kind of thing Elgar liked. If we object to all this sexism we may very well be in the right, but we must resign ourselves to the likelihood that we will never compose anything quite like the Elgar Violin Concerto.

We are more likely to compose the Dream of Gerontius, which everyone admires but nobody has ever listened to right through without falling asleep several times.