Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moving to the village...

The offspring's last day in Lincang.

I got a sunburn sitting out on the third floor dorm balcony in the perfect Lincang weather having a half English half Chinese discussion with Kaede and Wang Yong about slang, Chinese college students vs. American college students,  and debating whether the construction men building a path below us were going to be able to finish their cementing before the rain started.  It was move in day for the students in the teacher’s college we’d been living in, so we wandered down to the front gates where dozens of vendors had set up stands selling dorm room necessities like comforters and bug nets, along side many Yunnanese street food vendors.  I had a Dai minority spicy pancake, a hot dog wrapped in another rice pancake, and a jelly tea drink, which you can choose whether to chew or let slide down your throat.  I felt like I was at a Chinese state fair.

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