Friday, May 7, 2010

The blu-ray player as engine of change

By way of Godard, Richard Brody provides a high tech expansion of an idea of Chesterton's, beginning here with a very surprising opinion:

Word just in that Criterion is planning a Blu-Ray release of “The Darjeeling Limited.” It’s cause for rejoicing; the contemporary director whose attention to detail most repays macroscopic viewing of his films is Wes Anderson. Now I just have to get a Blu-Ray player; and to make it worthwhile, I’ll need a TV good enough and big enough for its heightened resolution to register; and to make room for that television, I’ll need a bigger apartment; and to do that… Thus is art an engine of change.


Generic said...

How about Rodrigo GarcĂ­a as "the best director of actresses since Bergman"?

Tulkinghorn said...

Something good was bound to come out of the recent spate of movies made for middle aged book group members who wonder why nobody makes good movies for them and then flock to encourage the making of movies like Mamma Mia and Sex in the City.

The genre was not essentially limited, but the audiences seemed to be. Good for Garcia. (and apparently, good for Nicole Holofcener, whose most recent m.m.f.m.a.b.g.m. was called 'perilously close to perfection') the other Friday by Joe Morgenstern.