Monday, May 17, 2010

Brown student discusses Hollywood

Interesting piece in the Daily Mail about Emma Watson, who sounds miserable. Unhappy college students usually don't merit much notice, but this seems a special case. (She had to give up being cox on the crew team because the university couldn't afford the insurance. He boyfriends sound like assholes. She was in Three Sisters, but the student newspaper wasn't allowed to review her performance...) What made me think she'd be OK was this, which sounds like the snotty Ivy Leaguer she has every right to be:

'The scripts all have happy endings, they're really badly written and they are sending them to an English literature student,' she says, rather sniffily of the parts she has so far been offered.


Generic said...

Sent this to the offspring at Brown before I'd looked at it. Can't trust those sodding UK papers as far as you can bloody throw 'em.

Tulkinghorn said...


Generic said...

Provoctive dress?


Forgetting that neither Emma or Nora are 10 tears old anymore. Tempus fugit, etc. (And if you correct my frakking spelling I'll...)

How about if we spell it frach? Or frac with an umlaut, like a heavy metal band?

Tulkinghorn said...

It is well known in 'internet' circles that forwarding things without reading them is a good way to (a) get yourself into trouble and, if not (a), then (b) make others think of you as a fool or as an endorser of all sorts of things you don't actually endorse....

No spelling corrections, but I will point out that 'neither' takes 'nor' rather than 'or'.

Generic said...

As in, "Neither frech nor frök?"

(Frech and Frök: Norwegian ice skaters.)