Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finally Part III

Solid summery of the Stieg Larsson story to date in the NYT. With no casting speculation whatsoever.

The Lev Grossman article in Time is basically the same material, less elegantly deployed. Worth noting, however, that in spite of his rant, quoted below, about Salander as a figure of "male fantasy," Grossman responds to her story the way millions of others have:

"Larsson's writing has a slightly robotic affectlessness — conveyed in part by his, or his translator's, apparent lack of interest in contractions — but Salander burns through the Nordic languor with her electric rage, her incandescent cleverness, her principled refusal of all emotional ties and her determination to think the worst of everybody. Much of the pleasure of reading Larsson lies in getting righteously angry on Salander's behalf."

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Tulkinghorn said...

It's Larsson week in America!

Aesthetes among us probably missed the essential chart in yesterday's NYT Week in Review comparing Salander and Pippi Longstocking
( with the clever title "Pippi Longstocking, with Dragon Tattoo"

Bet you didn't know that the name on the doorbell of Salander's apartment is the name of Pippi's house.