Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If we waited to post anything until we fully understood it...

...HG would be seriously underpopulated. Chairman Bob calls her "the Billie Holiday of folk." Discography.

C.I.: Tulkinghorn


Tulkinghorn said...

My source for the clip is a website called "Twittering Machines" (named after a Paul Klee painting) run by a group of New York based group of audio critics and equipment makers, record collectors, and all around epicureans.

They've got real good taste.


David Chute said...

My first impulse is that she is a singer for purists and connoisseurs of certain genres. And I'm not sure that's me. But after (paying for and) downloading two albums worth, I take back the suggestion that there is anything "impersonal" about her work. The stuff seems to be emerging from quite a deep well.