Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Jamey; A note on Laura Marling

Those of you who think skimming the net is just like reading a newspaper may have missed this morning's front page arts section New York Times article on Jamey Johnson:

It’s good to hear Mr. Johnson laugh. A relief, actually. He laughs more than you might think, more than his heavy eyes might indicate. Certainly more than in his songs, which are among the blackest in country music. Since re-emerging two years ago after some time out of the spotlight, he’s become the great brooder of the modern country era — maybe the only brooder.

... on this skillful record ("The Guitar Song"), he positions himself as a first-rate preservationist of classic country songwriting, someone who may be out of step with the times but isn’t showy about it. His stand for the country values of yesteryear is quiet, and often thrilling.

On another note, a recent article in Vogue about Carey Mulligan notes that she's a big fan of Laura Marling. That much waifery in one place could make you a bit sick.....


David Chute said...

When we were setting up to watch stored iFilm epsiodes of "Mad Men" on my laptop on Sunday I showed the ex the Jamey video posted aerlier -- or as much of it as she could tolerate before saying "I'm mystified" and punching the "mute" button. IOW, she didn't listen to enough of it to pick up on the storyline.

Tulkinghorn said...

Another argument for bachelorhood.

Top of the country charts, fourth on the pop charts in its first week -- for a no-compromises sort in the Vegasized world of country music, it's kind of a miracle.

LA bubble snob.