Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Melophobia (Fear of Music)

Artists need to be willing to risk embarrassment. Unless they're impervious.

Lou Reed + Metallica + Wedekind. Just out and already judged The Worst Album of All Time by eminent authorities.

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Tulkinghorn said...

I've been reading about this and there are those who believe it to be the Greatest Album of Lou Reed's Career -- including Reed and Metallica...

I liked this from the LA Times:

Don’t get me wrong. I hate most of "Lulu." This morning when I woke up knowing that the entire day would be spent listening to the thing, I sighed, rolled over and went back to sleep. At one point I shuddered during "Cheat on Me" when James Hetfield started screaming. At its worst, "Lulu" is like when James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti collaborated in 2002, except 50 times as long and without James Brown’s involvement.

But I’d wager that were I to put the epic closing song "Junior Dad" on a mix tape of Lou Reed’s greatest achievements over the years, if I weaved it among "All Tomorrow’s Parties," "The Blue Mask," "Perfect Day," "Sister Ray," "Heroin" and "Rock and Roll," it would not only fit perfectly and seamlessly within, but the change in context would cause at least a few Reed fans to think again.