Thursday, November 3, 2011

She's back

Europhile eurocrime fans rejoice! The second series of The Killing starts on BBC Four on the 19th.

Lund's depressed:

But at a mere 10 hour-long episodes, The Killing II runs at only half the length of the first series. That is largely to do with the story, said Gråbøl. "The plot is much more complex than the first season. The plot is the main focus … but our task for ourselves was how far into [Lund's] own darkness we could get."

The new series sees Lund, her life destroyed after the Nanna Birk Larsen case of Forbrydelsen I, working on an investigation that involves national politics, the military and Islamist terrorism.


David Chute said...

I'm working on acquiring this now. Joan sez it's even better than part 1.

David Chute said...

First two episodes oppressively grim and rainy, even by Norse standards. Also nothing commperable to the victim's warm and loving family in Series 1.

Sophie still great, no matter what color her "jumper" is. Belongs with (not to harp on him) Iain Glenn and a few others in the small group of actors who can communicate clearly even without dialog.

Tulkinghorn said...

A shame that it would be impolitic to review this for Indiewire... I'd love your weekly impressions.

Starting next week, though, we'll get the usual Guardian blog and comments. Hard to read though for fear of spoilers.

David Chute said...

Happy to burn you a disc.